Multipurpose hall Lauchetal, Affeltrangen (CH)

Buildings of different eras and sizes characterise the school grounds in Affeltrangen. The old gymnasium can no longer be renovated and is to be replaced by a new multi-purpose hall. Our design blends unagitatedly into the existing ensemble. The half-buried hall allows us to keep the building height moderate.
The quiet, rectangular structure stands out clearly from the secondary school complex and forms a striking focal point in the school grounds – the break yard can thus also become a village square.
The hall is divided into three functional areas: In the north, the head section with the entrance area and the public infrastructure on the ground floor, as well as the equipment room and offices below. As soon as the visitor arrives, an exciting, expansive view opens up over the lower-lying hall to the stage. The open design of the ground floor provides connections and insights into the different areas of use, creating a communicative, light-flooded building despite the compact floor plan organisation. The adjoining foyer connects the audience area with the entrance area. Together with the spectator gallery along the entire length of the hall, it can be used for receptions, a mobile bar, smaller award ceremonies, as a mobile cloakroom, mobile buffet or similar.
In the central section, the multi-purpose hall forms the heart of the building. The stage is about one metre above hall level and is accessible via a staircase. Separated from the gymnasium by the folding wall, it can also be used for smaller group gymnastics classes, music rehearsals, etc. Natural lighting is provided by the strip light in the roof.
At the southern end of the structure, the two outdoor equipment rooms at ground floor level offer direct access to the playground and in the immediate vicinity of the sports facilities to the south.
Except for the parts in contact with the ground, the hall will be built in timber. The floating roof is clad with wooden slats as a contrast to the extensive glazing of the façade. The wooden structure remains visible in the interior and, together with the wall and ceiling cladding made of Swiss spruce, creates a warm atmosphere.
The roof area is greened to the maximum and fitted with photovoltaic elements.

Client: Primarschulgemeinde Lauchetal
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2022
Capacity: Sports hall with multipurpose use

Statics, fire protection: B3 Kolb, Romanshorn / building services: CEO Amstein + Walthert, Zürich / landscape: Heinrich, Winterthur /// rendering: Dietrich | Untertrifaller