Johnstraße Lofts, Vienna (AT)

An elegant, generously glazed and cut-out body slides out of the narrow gap on both sides – a reaction to possible viewpoints over the steeply sloping Johnstrasse to the Gloriette, but also to the small-scale, somewhat cramped situation inside the block. The volume, with its base and openings mediates between the two neighbouring buildings and positions itself as a self-confident new element in the block perimeter development of the Gründerzeit era.
The idea of real lofts is optimally implemented by the plugged-in, column-free and maximised living spaces without having to forego intimate retreat areas. All combinations of work and living are feasible, but also pure residential use at the highest level. The unit on the basement floor is located in front of the green courtyard surrounded by pergolas, the penthouse apartment has a spacious roof terrace.
The simple design principle promises an economical construction management. The system of two rows of reinforced concrete columns and the two firewalls also guarantees maximum freedom of design. The view horizon is considerably widened when the central zone is inverted. The parapet strips are covered with fair-faced concrete in typical loft style. The windows, some of which are box-type, are designed as anodised timber-aluminium elements or wood elements. The floors are finished with sanded screed or jointless PU flooring, the walls in the wet rooms are smooth and waterproofed.

Client: RSI Immobilien-Invest GmbH
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2009, 1st prize