Letzi, Zumikon (CH)

With the architectural concept, three further single-family houses were successfully situated in the ascending mansion property. Their generosity corresponds to the location, which offers sufficient distance to each other and unhindered view. The polygonal building lines inspired the creation of irregular, multifaceted structures whose autonomy and individual expression are strengthened. The surfaces of the entire volume, i. e. walls and roof, were designed in the same way, so that the houses are almost like huge boulders between the old park trees. The irregularly placed openings, however, correct this first impression.
The underground car park allows access all four houses. Above ground, garden paths lead to the well shielded house entrances. Guests can find parking spaces at the narrow driveway. The main residential floors of the houses each have a terrace framed by low natural stone walls. The spacious garden extends to the edge of the forest.
The interior of the three single-family houses is as individual as the exterior. An elevator connects all floors barrier-free. Independent residential units in the south-facing basement are suitable for different uses: Multi-generational living, staff accommodation, student rooms, studio or office. The main floor offers spacious living rooms with wide window fronts, above the bedrooms and bathrooms. Individual retreat and work opportunities on the top floor ensure an undisturbed family life.

Client: private
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2004