Les Villages Nature, Paris (FR)

Disneyland Paris is planning to build an amusement park with different theme worlds. Our draft proposes three house concepts, which are arranged loosely in the forest and at the lagoon: Clan, Nature and Bull.
The “Clan” theme consists of clusters of six houses arranged around the largest, most beautiful trees in the forest and forming a courtyard. A large central fireplace supports the focus on social interaction. Winding paths through the forest connect the individual clusters. A perfect place for communicative people, extended families, groups of friends or company excursions.
“Nature” offers two different house types: Tree houses and buried earthen houses. Irregular shapes, dark wood and coloured glass merge with the trees and the ground. A perfect hideaway for nature lovers, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.
The theme “Bull” arranges the houses around an artificial lagoon. Wooden footbridges lead to the individual houses, which are hidden in the reeds and look almost like old fishermen’s huts. A perfect retreat for those seeking relaxation and recreation.

Client: Les Villages Nature de Val d’Europe Sas
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2010