LDZ provincial Service Centre, Salzburg (AT)

As a central contact point for official channels, the new provincial service centre LDZ near the railway station is easy to reach – for the people of Salzburg, but also for the up to 1,200 employees. However, the station district is not particularly attractive – until now! Because our exciting, future-oriented design means a significant upgrade for the area around Südtirolerplatz.

Concept & organization
The modern, seven-storey office complex on the almost 9,000-square-metre corner site is designed as a place of diverse encounters and communication with citizens. While on the outside a compact perimeter block development conveys urbanity, on the inside an innovative circulation cross forms four spacious, partially covered inner courtyards.
The two-storey, transparent basement houses the public uses: citizens’ service, kindergarten, cafeteria, ideas room, and service yard. A surrounding arcade breaks up the austere block and protects the building entrances from the weather, e.g. Salzburg’s famous “string rain”. At the station forecourt, a green atrium flanks the inviting entrance to the citizens’ service, which leads into the central, two-storey hall flooded with light. From there, a representative staircase and three customer elevators lead to the consultation areas on the first floor.
The four upper floors, cantilevered above the base, provide the working environment for the offices. The spatial organisation and building structure allows for various developments and can also accommodate future concepts for new communication and work structures. The flexibly interconnectable, optimally lit units are accessed via the cross-shaped core areas and interlinked in many ways. This guarantees smooth communication between the departments on short paths, even across floors. Intensively planted and attractively designed terraces are located on the projecting plinth areas in the inner courtyard. Employees can use the smaller and larger lodge-like areas for breaks or as meeting compartments and niches for outdoor working.
The restaurant, conference area and the large, lushly planted roof terrace on the sixth floor offer a beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding mountains from Kapuzinerberg to Maria Plain.

The façade has a double-skin construction. The inner thermal envelope consists of prefabricated wooden elements, triple glazing and mineral insulating materials. The outer, curtain-type envelope made of laminated safety glass spans a rear-ventilated intermediate space that acts like a winter garden as a sound and climate buffer.In the inner courtyards, the façade is partially planted with vertical vegetation, which creates attractive views from the offices and meeting zones in the cores. At the same time, the planting has a positive effect on the microclimate and provides cooling and shading effects in the warm season.

The Provincial Service Centre is a modern timber hybrid: a solid base, topped by the upper floors in wood. The escape staircases are clamped into the concrete basement floors. They serve as the backbone of the construction and stiffen it horizontally. The office wings are placed on top of the exterior prefabricated reinforced concrete brackets, which rhythmise the arcades. The timber hybrid construction method used on all six upper floors becomes an innovative trademark of a building culture that is committed to the holistic tasks of sustainable architecture, both on the inside and in the urban space.

Client: Land Salzburg
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller with Halle 1 Architekten
Competition: 2-stage general planning competition 2021, 2nd stage
Area: 53,910 m²
Capacity: Citizens’ service, kindergarten, depot, post office + print shop, laboratories, warehouse, underground car park

Statics: Bollinger + Grohmann, Wien / building physics: Dr. Pfeiler, Graz / building services: teamgmi, Wien / electrics: Pürcher Planungs GmbH, Schladming / light: Bartenbach, München / landscape: Lindle Bukor, Wien / fire protection: Norbert Rabl, Graz / geotechnics: Premstaller, Oberalm /// rendering: Dietrich | Untertrifaller