Beuth Laboratory Building, Berlin (DE)

The campus of the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Wedding, Berlin consists of four buildings from different eras. The new laboratory building defines the campus on Luxemburger Straße and creates an attractive entrance to the university campus. The building structure is divided into five panes, which are shifted against each other and breaking the large building length. The laboratories are located outside, followed by a compact side room barrette. The offices of the staff and professors are situated in the quieter interior areas. Informal meeting zones in the aisles and the central lounge foster networking and communication. Behind the access control, in the deepest part of the building, a vertical airspace connects all floors and ensures clarity and orientation within the building. The new WAL laboratory building is very rational and compactly structured and offers ideal working conditions with short distances. The continuous grid of 1.15 m in the longitudinal direction and 30 cm in the transverse direction allows a high degree of flexibility for a possible conversion in the future. The façade design supports the urban structure and reflects the function of the surfaces behind it. The façade of the monolithic laboratory is made of light-colored facing brickwork. The high hinge windows made of bronze anodized aluminium bring daylight deep into the laboratory areas. The free-floating central zone with the offices behind it is generously glazed and provides a view of the brickwork of the ceilings and walls.

Client: Land Berlin
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2017
Area: 7,344 m²

structural engineering: Merz Kley Partner GmbH, Dornbirn / laboratory: Dr. Heinekamp Labor- und Institutsplanung, Karlsfeld / landscape: Storch.Landschaftsarchitektur, Dresden