Hafencity, Hamburg (DE)

The ensemble consists of a southern head building with the Greenpeace headquarters and the connected recessed design port. This is followed by a vertical caesura of the buildings for different residential uses. The changing structure and texture of the facades as well as the floor heights create two readable structures – connected by a communicative, spatially varied hall with a wide variety of possible uses.
The head building of Greenpeace is oriented around an inner courtyard and designed as a floating volume above a recessed, glass ground floor. The facades are characterised by vertical, offset, prefabricated brick strips that project beyond the contour. The office landscape is casually grouped around the atrium with attractive entrances and views. The design port is seamlessly connected with flexible, differently usable and divisible office modules as well as with slightly differentiated facades structured by coloured glass elements.
The residential uses are bundled in a seven-storey second building with differentiated floor plans. Cubic oriels with balconies emerge from the façade and stretch towards the public space. On the lower levels, townhouses with large terraces on both sides are designed, above them flats lightened through the spacious atrium. The hybrid work lofts are “interspersed” and project far into the airspace. Thus, two completely different building volumes are created from one structure. They are distinguished by specific architectural elements derived and developed from their use.

Client: DS-Bauconcept GmbH, PRIMUS developments GmbH, HafenCity Hamburg GmbH
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2009
Area: 9,500 m²