Business Park with Technology Centre, Munich (DE)

The “Werksviertel” at Munich’s Ostbahnhof combines living and working in a unique way. Perfectly connected to the existing infrastructure, a new district is being created on the traditional site that is characterised by vision and innovation.

The new business park with technology centre offers space for conventional industries and room for new products and innovative craft ideas. Business start-ups can thus begin their professional independence quickly and easily. Commercial enterprises will find optimal premises, including high ceiling load-bearing capacity, goods lifts and delivery zones. In addition to the office space, conference and seminar rooms are available for start-ups.

Our design for the business park sets a strong and recognisable sign in the neighbourhood. With its public and semi-public spaces, it promotes exchange and communication and makes a social, economic and spatial contribution to the city.
The well-designed outdoor area of the restaurant forms the heart of the ensemble. Accessible and open, it connects the building with the urban space. A biotope surrounds the building, creating an urban house in the green.

The function of the building was decisive for the architectural design. The base with its shell of meandering and perforated corrugated sheet metal and extensive glazing allows exciting views in and out. Above this sits the structured wooden body of the office floors, whose dark glazed façade gives it the necessary urbanity. The curtain-type façade greening provides sustainable protection against excessive solar radiation.
Inside, we offer the future users a structurally robust, contemporary and architecturally high-quality framework that flexibly adapts to all spatial needs and changes of use.

The building was planned by us to be recyclable. Simple, separable and demountable constructions enable the exchange and further utilisation of the components. The open load-bearing structure and the resulting flexible wall position also allow for later conversion and further use, which makes the building sustainable in the best sense, i.e. “long-lasting”.

Client: MGH – Münchner Gewerbehof- und Technologiezentrumsgesellschaft mbH
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2022, 3. Prize
Program: Commercial space, offices, gastronomy

Statics: merz kley partner, Dornbirn / landscape: Planstatt Senner, Überlingen / fire protection: Kersken + Kirchner, Munich /// rendering: Dietrich | Untertrifaller