Conservatoire, Montigny (FR)

The conservatory blends in perfectly with the new quarter and is an eye-catcher in the public space. The façade design with alternating solid and perforated elements made of anodized aluminium and glass panels gives the building its identity. During the day, the façade appears opaque from the outside, while the users inside have an unobstructed view of the street and the forecourt. This phenomenon reverses at night and communicates what is happening inside. The way the panels are perforated and arranged, however, preserves the privacy of music and dance halls. Large curtains can darken the panorama windows. The roofs are completely planted, offer terraces and gardens accessible from the second floor.
The interior with its simple materials – wood, exposed concrete, white walls – create a calm working environment, only enlivened by blinds and large colored curtains. Thanks to a central, glass-roofed atrium, the entire building can be illuminated naturally. The performance, instrumental and dance rooms stand out from the very bright and soberly designed reception hall with warmer colors, acoustic wood paneling and colored curtains.

Client: Ville de Montigny le Bretonneux
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2016
Area: 3,500 m²

structural engineering: EVP Ingénierie, Paris / HAVCR: Inex, Montreuil / acoustics : Studio DAP, Paris