City of Wood, Bad Aibling (DE)

The area is determined by the barracks and the lower lying flowing area of the Moosbach. The design takes up this topographical situation. Line buildings embrace the former barracks site, while solitary buildings are erected in the area traversed by the Moosbach river. The character of the park landscape is enhanced by the organic, generally accessible pathways. The individual residential buildings form groups that support the formation of neighbourhoods. On the state road in the northeast, the area is closed off by a row of terraced houses and a multi-storey apartment building.
The centre of the area is a tree-lined, multifunctional open space. Due to the gravel surface it can be used as a car park, but also as a festival or playground. The deliberately undefined use of the open space can react flexibly to actual space requirements. If necessary, an underground car park in construction phase 3 underneath the terraced house construction is conceivable.

Client: B & O Parkgelände
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2012, 1. Preis ex aequo
Area: 12.000 m²