Wiener Berg Offices, Vienna (AT)

This elongated office building stretches out at the foot of Wienerberg, offering unspoiled views of the landscape south of Vienna. The linearity of the main facade is marked by three entrances that lead through the building to the garden in the small interior court. The position of the vertical circulation makes it possible to divide the unit into entities of at least 250m² and allows several different configurations of the space on the plates: individual or multiple offices or large size halls. This flexibility makes it possible to accommodate a hotel as well as offices.
The workstations are illuminated naturally in the current floors. Secondary spaces such as relaxation areas, conference rooms or archives, occupy an intermediate area, at the same distance from the offices and are illuminatedindirectly. The framing of the picture windows, the inclination of which varies according to the exposure, gives the facade its dynamic character and their depth creates sunscreens while protecting the external blinds from the wind.

Client: S+B Pottendorfer Straße GmbH
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2010
Area: 15,000 m² offices; 1,000 m² commercial area; 2,400 m² restaurants