Boutique Hotel, St. Johann in Tirol (AT)

The design revitalises the old villa in its original state and complements it with a clearly recognizable small annex. That allows it to be used as a delicatessen and vinotheque on the ground floor and as a residential building on the upper levels. All other functions are organized in a solitary structure, which, together with the villa and correspondingly with the Restaurant Villa Masianco, defines a beautiful forecourt opposite.
Despite the compact dimensions, an exciting, central access and light room with a climbing wall is offered in the sports shop right under the roof. The rooms are arranged around this area in all directions. Despite their minimized size of 25 m², they offer a wide range of design options away from common hotel room stereotypes and take advantage of the good view from all sides. There is a total panoramic view of the spa on the top floor.
The structure of the building can easily be realized as a wooden construction. The façade design with its multi-storey’ masks’ makes the building appear smaller than it actually is.

Client: Fa. Kurt Schmiedberger, St. Johann in Tirol
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2011, 2nd prize