Aspernstraße, Vienna (AT)

A seven-storey building marks the striking prelude to the new residential quarter and at the same time forms the structural completion of three successive finger-like buildings along the metro line. Ground floor corridors connect the clearly defined inner courtyard to the immediate surroundings and create at the same time a noticeable boundary between public and private outdoor areas. In line with the guiding principle of’ affordable living’, the property was optimally utilised with compact, economical buildings. Due to the construction field sizes, different types of flats are offered, which are optimized according to their orientation.
The two building parts in the north and south are designed as compact 2- and 3-room apartments, organised around a naturally lit staircase with multi-storey airspaces. On the south side, generous open spaces in front of the house enlarge the living area. The access galleries of the western part of the building serve as a street-side buffer. The living and dining area with spacious balcony is oriented towards the quiet courtyard. Towards the east, greater depths of the structure allow for a space-efficient central corridor development. Multi-storey airspaces provide naturally lit, bright apartment entrances and enhance the quality of the interior development area. Here, too, all apartments are provided with a spacious outdoor area, which with its movable glass sliding elements guarantees effective sound insulation against the underground railway line.

Client: Bauträger Austria Immobilien GmbH
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2013
Area: 17,214 m²

rendering: Tomaselli Visual Sensations, Vienna