Anton Melzer Straße, Innsbruck

A powerful, slender building with a strongly structured three dimensional façade made of coarsely worked, refined fair-faced concrete grasps the wide street space. This can create a spatial scenario of the most diverse character, not only apartments, but also robust, flexible commercial and office spaces. Separated from the southern wing by the light-flooded longitudinal access, another wing closes the street space in the west. Around an atrium, a large-volume structure develops and restructures the interior space. Here, too, a wide variety of living and working arrangements are possible.
The underground car park is accessed via the courtyard in the east and the exit in the west. The connection to Hypobank’s existing garage is easily possible. Due to the geometry of the underground car park, planting with tall trees in the valuable courtyard space is feasible and of great importance for the experience and recreational value of the property. The clear definition of the volumes also enables a wide variety of scenarios for any subsequent building on the eastern neighboring property.

Client: Family Köllensperger und Gruber
Architecture: Dietrich | Untertrifaller
Competition: 2014, 1st prize
Area: 5,500 m²