Award: Grand prix régional des Pyramides d’argent 2019

10 April 2019

We are very happy: Our project Cartoucherie Wood’art in Toulouse was awarded the Grand Regional Prize.

The Pyramides d’Argent 2019 honours the best regional real estate programmes of the members of the Fédération des Promoteurs Immobiliers (FPI), which focus on essential issues: Innovation, quality, aesthetics, transparency in management, sustainable development and customer orientation.

A competition for the challenges of tomorrow

Launched in 2004 by the Fédération des Promoteurs Immobiliers de France, the “Pyramides” competition aims to promote quality, innovation and know-how in new programmes for the construction of housing and commercial property. The competition explores ways of meeting the challenges of the future-oriented, networked, sustainable and citizen-oriented city of tomorrow.

Information about the projekt: Cartoucherie Wood’art