Exhibition: Showcase Vorarlberg in Vienna

Contemporary architecture from Vorarlberg also enjoys an excellent reputation in Vienna. In the showcases in the arcades of the town hall, the state of Vorarlberg is displaying 27 outstanding exemplary projects that provide an overview of the country’s building culture. Curator Wolfgang Fiel has designed an impressive exhibition with 27 large-format photos. We are very excited to be featured with no less than three of our projects: Angelika Kauffmann Museum in Schwarzenberg (showcase 2), Festspielhaus Bregenz (showcase 5) and Secondary School and Hall Klaus (showcase 9).

Schaufenster Vorarlberg
27 Vitrinen – 27 Bauten
Arkadenhof Rathaus Wien
1.6. bis 31.7.2022

Information on the projects on display: Angelika Kauffmann Museum, Schwarzenberg (AT), Festspielhaus, Bregenz (AT), Secondary School and Hall, Klaus (AT)