Lecture: 09.09.2020, BIM Symposium, Vienna

For the fifth time, the BIM Symposium brings together top-class speakers on the subject of Building Information Modeling. Dominik Philipp was invited to present our thoughts and solutions around “BIM and timber construction”.

“Building projects are still struggling to catch up with digitalization. While automation has long since arrived in industrial production, in the field of construction formwork is still assembled according to printed plans with a standardised centimeter-accuracy. Today, projects are already planned in BIM models with highly complex parameters and dependencies, and the progress of performance on construction sites is verified using VR/AR glasses and 3D scans, for example. However, the digital model still remains in the computer after planning and the digital value chain to the construction site is interrupted. With our approach we close this gap between planning and realization. In timber we have found the material to transfer the high precision from the digital BIM model directly to the construction site. Our solution integrates the production-relevant performance of the work preparation in the BIM model so that the CNC milling machine can be controlled directly from the model. This enables us to close the gap between a modern, digital planning model and a high-tech implementation on the construction site. The result is time-saving, fault-preventive and highly precise.” (Dominik Philipp)

Wednesday, 9 September 2020, 10:00
Schloß Schönbrunn / Apothekertrakt
Entrance Grünbergstraße / Meidlinger Tor
1130 Vienna

Information and tickets for the event: https://bimsymposium.at/