Privat: IUCN Extension, Genf

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The existing headquarter is completed by a circle of two suspended wooden office floors at the same levels to create an equivalent unit. Its spanned around an entrance court reached by the sunken and protected from the road front-court. All “public” functions (nursery, restaurant, library) are located communication-friendly in freestanding pavillons in the court and could be easily organised independantly. The central main entrance lands in a new lobby area which connects all parts of the old and new building within short distances and offers all asked for facilities. All closed offices are organised on the outside, the open working spaces create a lively ambiance with the common areas facing the courtyard. The small meeting rooms are located in the outer corners with spectacular views, all larger ones around the auditorium in the existing part. The loading and service areas are all organised in the basement without disturbing any other areas and with short distances to the upper floors and the outside. The garage is simply enlarged by about 60 parking lots which sums up with the existing interior and new outdoor spaces to about 180. The desired total of 230 could be easily submitted on the other areas around the building but should just be provided as gravel lawn areas. Various outdoor spaces with different sceneries and functions swirl around the new headquarter. The representative driveway is designed with linear cubic trimmed plane-trees to create a shady roof above the visitor parking and to allow unobstructed views towards the Alps. A reed-planted refl ecting pool spreads under the building and projects varied light refl ections into the arrival space. The inner courtyard is staged as a “borrowed” landscape which is run through by winding pathes and vegetation stripes. The light birch grove and the freshly green forest soil vegetation with ferns and grasses creates a pleasant athmosphere with a strong seasonal dynamic. The roof surfaces are planted with a xerothermal dry lawn and interpreted as an ecological valuable butterfly garden. The existing “jardin naturelle” is strengthened with an enclosure of stone slabs as a “framed” object. The wood and glass facades on the outside and the existing east and west facades are covered by a screen which consists either out of a fast growing biological sustainable material f.e. bamboo, poplar tree,cartboard, larch etc. or out of a printed or threedimensional poplar tree microscopic structure. It will create a distinctively associating image of the new headquarter with changing appearances during day and night and of course works as a sun protection shield. The courtyard facade and the pavillons are cladded with green printed sunprotection glass which strengthens the theme of the birch grove. The load bearing structure consists of wood and steel columns and stressed skin panels building the fl oors and the roof of the building. Structural lumber panels are used for top and/or bottom sheathing of large size modules. Glue bonding of the structural composite lumber panels to the stringers achieves an excellent caring behaviour which permits construction of large prefabricated modules. The modules are connected to form large diaphragms allowing to stabilize the building.

(Erläuterungstext, 2005)

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