Campus im Olympiapark, München

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  • Sport Campus Team Modell_2000_1500

Dietrich | Untertrifaller were announced as the winner of the architectural competition to design and build the new Campus in the Olympic Parc in Munich/Germany. In the centre of a lush green urban area the campus will be the home of the sports department of the University of Munich, as well, as a large number of Munich‘s sport clubs.

The architectural concept is based on the credo of the Olympic Games in 1972: „Games in the Green“. In cooperation with Baliana Schubert Landscape Architects Dietrich | Untertrifaller designed the Campus along two main axises which will form access points to different training facilities, gyms, sport fields and recreational areas. A large number of front and inner yards will integrate the lush nature in multiple ways and will function similarly as an orientation around the campus. A café will be a public meeting point for students, staff and athletes alike.


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