Secondary School with Hall, Klaus

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The new secondary school of Klaus was built to replace the existing school, and designed with energy efficiency and budget in mind.  After a record construction time of only 18 months (upon nominating the winner of the competition), classes began at the school, which consumes less than 15 kWh/m² total energy per year and fulfils Vorarlberg passive-house guidelines.

The school is part of a sparsely built urban network, which is essentially made up of isolated buildings. The angle formed by the two volumes allows a protected recreation ground with access to all rooms. The main building accommodates the classrooms as well as the administration offices. A full height central atrium provides the circulation and brings light down to the ground floor, thus enhancing one’s orientation. Individual foot bridges cross the atrium and access each classroom.

The second building, constructed ten years later, comprises the gymnasium, as well as a reception area and several study rooms. The compactness of the building has meant that construction costs have optimized. The whole elevated section is made up of prefabricated timber, which made construction very fast. The installation of double-flow ventilation has contributed to an energy consumption less than 15 kWh/m².

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