Collège Jean Monnet, Broons

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Situated in a semi rural area, the College Jean Monnet, with 16 general and 9 special classes, is sensitively integrated into the landscape. Built over the whole breadth of the site, at the lowest point of the landscape, it is bounded by a south facing courtyard which is bordered by the low wing of the canteen. The teaching building, two floors in mixed concrete and wood above a concrete base, is compact and functional.

The materials used have been chosen for their long life, so as to reduce maintenance costs. One of the facades of the concrete base is clad with a facing which integrates local granite, while the facades of the different floors are covered with a cladding of non-treated Douglas fir. Natural light is everywhere, thanks to a full-height atrium and to light wells at different levels. Windows between classrooms and circulation spaces allow transparency and natural indirect light, complementing the large bay windows which open onto the landscape.

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