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Vorarlberg, Austria’s most western province, provides a favorable climate for high-quality architecture. Architecture made in Vorarlberg aroused international public interest for the first time in the 1980s. The second generation of architects had just returned home following their architecture and practical training. Hoping to benefit from these favorable conditions, the architects set out to create a host of new buildings. Helmut Dietrich and Much Untertrifaller are part of this generation. Over the past twenty years they have won a number of prestigious competitions, assembling a versatile architecture portfolio, which runs the gamut from single-family homes, to housing estates, a local museum and the Convention centers; they designed commercial buildings, university sports facilities and cafés. Furthermore, they completed refurbishments of historic buildings.

Recent projects are the convention center (with Rey-Lucquet) in Strasbourg, the Ecole Nationale d’Art (with Zomeno) in Nancy, the ETH Sport Center in Zurich or the extension of the University Salzburg at the Campus Kuchl.

Having been trained at the Vienna University of Technology, they were influenced by the famous teacher and architect Ernst Hiesmayr (1920 to 2006). In 1992, they won the international competition for the convention center in Bregenz, and in 1994 they opened their joint practice in Bregenz. The Festival House was adapted and expanded, and completed in 2006. Other projects include (the spa and event center in St. Anton), the first school building built in Klaus (Vorarlberg) according to the passive house standard, the new event and music venue in the Vienna Stadthalle complex, along with numerous large and small building commissions. They place importance - regardless of the dimension of the buildings – on quality concepts, architectural style and precise details.

D|U architects have been collaborating for several years with photographer Bruno Klomfar, who captures their oeuvre in artistic images. The Vorarlberg native has gained prominence in Vienna’s high profile architecture scene with his architectural photography. His aesthetic eye for buildings and spaces demonstrates his profound understanding of architecture and topography. His contribution makes this architectural exhibit a unique experience of artistic photography.

(Kunst Meran, 2008)

Link: Photos AIT-Salon Köln 2013

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