Multi-phased project-commission won in Freiburg, Germany!

Together with the landscape architects Ramboll Studio Dreiseitl we have won the multi-phased project, comissioned by the municipal housing association of Freiburg for the residential area Quartier Metzgergrün. In the coming ten years the vision for the residential estate is to become a modern, sustainable district, increasing its number of flats from 250 to 500, without loosing its identity. Extensive green spaces, which support social interaction and the development of a neighbourhood network, ensure the high liveability of the resitential area.

“The composition of the urban plan consisting of courtyards, social spaces, high-quality and differenciated open spaces, new connectivity and a precise network of pathways, has the potential to become a future-oriented, visoinary residential estate,” the jury complimented our design.