Regional Timber Construction Award for Sports Center Lyon

The Sports Center Alice Milliat in Lyon was awarded the Prix Regional de la Construction Bois Auvergne, the regional Timber Construction Award of the Auvergne.

This multi-use gymnasium is a central element of the new urban development zone of Bon Lait. It is mainly constructed with a wooden framework with hay bale insulation, and it marks the end of significant changes to this neighborhood. Its volume contains a hall which can be divided into three, thus allowing different sports to be carried on at the same time. There is also a space for training in combat sports, dance, and gymnastics. Roof openings give a generous amount of natural zenithal light.

This year the Sports Center also has won the Prix National de la Construction Bois, the national french Timber Construction Award.

We are very happy about this token of appreciation for our work and want to thank all those involved in the project for the excellent cooperation!

Infos Gymnase Alice Milliat

Infos Prix Regional Construction Bois